• About CrossFit 10-10

    Columbia’s CrossFit 10-10, located in Lakeside Shopping Center off of Dobbin Road, uses CrossFit methodology in order to provide our members with the most efficient and best fitness training available. Expert instructors at CrossFit 10-10 challenge our athletes, of all ages and fitness levels, to knock down barriers and improve each day by becoming mentally and physically stronger.

    We believe that CrossFit is for everyone. At CrossFit 10-10, our members are our most valuable asset. We pride ourselves in our commitment to fostering an encouraging and caring environment. Whatever your fitness level is today and whatever your fitness goals for the future may be, our coaches are there to encourage and guide you every step of the way.

    Together we sweat. Together we expose weaknesses. Together we get stronger. The community of CrossFit 10-10 is our greatest strength. You will exit CrossFit 10-10 sweaty and exhausted, but you will do so with a smile of gratification and a slew of high-fives from your 10-10 family.

The Latest from CrossFit 10-10

Friday, December 19


SKILL (15 min)



Plate over head lunges (45/35)

up down x5


5 rounds

5 Wall walks

9 Front Squats (135/95

7 Bent Row  (135/95)

Thursday, December 18



Muscle up Progression 25 Min

Legs will be on the ground the entire time just like in the video

-False Grip Ring row- 10×3

-False Grip ring row to Transition 10×3

-False grip RR to transition to ring dip 10×3

For those who can do muscle ups now is the time to try for those who cant yet keep them on the last step for the portion coming up

Ring Muscle ups 5repsx 3 sets

STRENGTH  15 min

GHD sit up ( Slow and controlled) 5×5

GHD Back Extension (slow and controlled) 5×5



Thrusters (75/55)

Push Ups


Wednesday, December 17



Pull up Skill Work


Front Rack Lung up and back x5 (135/955)


3 Rounds

17 Buppee Bar hop overs

17 Hang Power Snatch

17 Chest To Bar pull up

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